ENS3403 ภาษาอังกฤษสำหรับมัคคุเทศก์ แนวข้อสอบชุดที่ 2

แนวข้อสอบชุดที่ 2

Part I : Answer the following questions. (20 marks)

1.      ………………established the capital at Thonburi.

2.      Thailand’s important exports are…………………

3.      …………sent Buddhist missionaries to Southeast Asia.

4.      The normal check-out time of a hotel is……………

5.      Thailand’s neighbors are         ………………….

6.      ………………..is also the finest example of modern Thai architecture.

7.      The American currency is………………………

8.      A Garuda is…………………

9.      The Marble Temple is built of……………………..

10.    Some of the best things to buy in Thailand are……………


1.      Phray Taksin established the capital at Thonburi.

2.      Thailand’s important exports are rice, Thai rubber and tin.

3.      Emperor Asoka sent Buddhist missionaries to Southeast Asia.

4.      The normal check-out time of a hotel is 12,00 noon.

5.      Thailand’s neighbors are Myanmar, Loas, Cambodia and Malaysia.

6.      The Marble Temple/Wat Benchamabophit is also the finest example of modern Thai architecture.

7.      The American currency is dollar.

8.      A Garuda is a figure half-bird, half-man.

9.      The Marble Temple is built of white Italian marble from Carrara. Italy.

10.    Some of the best things to buy in Thailand are Thai silk, bronzeware and wood.

Part II : Use the following words and expressions to write a complete sentence (20 marks)

1.      natural resources =

2.      check-in =

3.      free of charge =

4.      precious stone =

5.      recommend =


1.      natural resources

= Thailand has many natural resources such as mountains, forests and wild animals.

2.      check-in

= You have to check-in at the airport an hour before departure’s time.

3.      free of charge

= It is free of charge for Thai people to visit Wat Prakaew.

4.      precious stone

= A diamond and a ruby are the precious stones.

5.      recommend

= I’d like to recommend you to visit Chiang Mai once. 

Part III : Peter wants to go shopping at the Weekend Market, he asks Danai. his tour guide. Construct a conversation between Sarah and Danai. (20 marks)

Danai : Good morning, Peter. Would you like some help?

Peter : Good morning, Mmm, Danai. I’d like to go shopping in Bangkok.

Do you have any suggestion/idea where I can go shopping?

Danai : Yes. I recommend, “Chatuchak” is very popular among both Thai and foreign tourists.

Peter : What is it famous for?

Danai : It is the largest open air market in Bangkok. That’s why, it’s regarded as the shopper’s paradise in Thailand.

Peter : What kinds of things can I get there?

Danai : Many goods such as woodwork, bronzeware, glassware, ready-to- wear clothes, Thai silk and many kinds of handicrafts for being souvenirs to take back your hometown.

Peter : What’s the best way to get there?

Danai : It’s easy to get there, especially by the new Skytrain or take a taxi, it’s not far from here.

Peter : Anything else about there?

Danai : Anyway, when you buy things, you can ask for lower prices.

Bargaining is a common practice there.

Peter : That sounds interesting. Thank you for your information.

Danai : With pleasure. Enjoy your shopping there.

Part IV : Mr. Moore is cashing his travel’s check at the hotel.

Construct a conversation between Mr. Moore and cashier.

(20 marks)

Cashier : Good morning. Mr. Moore.

What can I do for you today?

Mr.Moore : Yes, Can I cash my traveler’s checks here?

/I would like to cash my traveler’s check?

/ Could you cash traveler’s checks for me?

Cashier : Of course. How many checks would you like to cash? Mr.Moore : Just two—twenty dollars each.

And what is today’s rate for US dollars. / a US dollar.)

/What’s the rate of exchange?

Cashier : Today’s rate is 31 baht to a dollar.

You wanna cash 40 dollars, don’t your?

Mr.Moore : That’s right.

Cashier : That will come 1,240 baht. Please sign your name at the back of the checks

Mr.Moore : Okay.

Cashier : Here’s your money, Sir.

Mr.Moore : Thanks a lot.

Cashier : Any time. Enjoy your pleasant stay in Thailand

Part V : Write a descriptive paragraph (6-8 sentences) about Royal Folk Art and Craft Center. (20 marks)

Bangsai Royal Folk Arts and Crafts Center


Bangsai Royal Folk Arts and Crafts Center, located at Bangsai in Ayuthaya, 70 kilometers from Bangkok. It is another major Thai handcraft center which was established in 1980 under the royal patronage of Her Majesty the Queen. Covering an area of about 1,000 rai, visitors are free to walk around several workshops in the complex and watch the trainees and skilled craftsmen at work. It is the place where villagers from all over Thailand come to receive special training in the art of Thai handicrafts. Besides, some of the best buys are Yanlipao basketry, miniature clay dolls, artificial flowers, handwoven silk, bronzeware, rattan basketry, wood work, glass ware and ready-to-ware clothes.